Condition management advice

Clifton Moor Physio in York

A patient centred approach

Whatever the reason you are receiving Physiotherapy treatment, understanding your condition and the way your body is trying to deal with it can be an important part or recovery. Understanding which parts of your anatomy are involved and why there are causing you to experience symptoms can really help you to take control. Similarly, gaining an understanding of the aims of treatment you are receiving, be it exercise prescription, manual therapy, taping or electrotherapy, can help with adherence, helping you through the recovery process. My aim is to provide you with appropriate details of anatomy, patho-physiology and treatment in plain language, avoiding jargon. Throughout treatment you will be provided with helpful advice of ways in which you can impact on your recovery/rehabilitation when out of clinic. This may be advice about when to avoid certain activities which may be aggravating symptoms, how to grade or pace activities in order to allow rest whilst maintaining function, or providing simple strategies which can be carried out at home, when working or when participating in leisure activities. There is a link between physical and mental health as pain and reduced function can contribute to low mood, increased stress, depression and anxiety; understanding and taking ownership for your condition can help your psychological and physical wellbeing. I see it as my responsibility to provide assistance and guidance throughout your treatment which can allow you to manage your condition in the long term or to prevent it from returning in the future.


Based at Clifton Moor, York, my clinic is accessible from the city and outer ring-road (A1237), appointments are available throughout the day, into the evenings and even on weekends, with home sessions and online physiotherapy available for these times of need.

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