Joint Mobilisation

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A joint is where two or more bones meet and the function of a joint is to provide stability and allow movement. There are different types of joints in the body, all with their own specific role and a healthy joint can allow for fluid movement and function. There a multiple reasons why a joint may become problematic, these including;

Symptoms can include pain, swelling, redness, heat, loss of movement and strength and deformity (changes of the joint structure).  When a joint is dysfunctional, injured or damaged not only can the joint in question be affected, this may also lead to problems at other parts of the body, for example a problem with the ankle joint can lead to knee, hip or back pain due to altered or compensatory movement patterns. Joint mobilisations are a form of manual therapy where a trained health professional moves a joint passively in order to achieve a therapeutic outcome such as to reduce pain or stiffness, to increase the joint range of movement, to restore corrective movement patterns and to aid physiological processes, for instance increasing synovial fluid (a type of lubricant for the joint). Mobilisations can be either Physiological (a movement that can be done by the patient) or Accessory (a movement which cannot be done by the patient) and are carried out with the patient in a comfortable resting position at different intensities, depending on the reason for application. Joint mobilisations are usually carried out on synovial joints (a joint with a cartilage and filled with fluid) and are commonly used on the spine.


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