Online Physiotherapy

Clifton Moor Physio in York

Using online resources such as Skype and FaceTime

Online resources such as Skype and FaceTime are a great way to access Physio remotely from different locations, at times to suit your schedule.

Ideal for people with hectic lives and/or busy schedules and for people who frequently travel.

With no travel time required, online Physiotherapy can free up precious time for other important tasks – or for some well deserved down time!

How does it work? Just like a face to face Physiotherapy appointment, you will be provided with an appointment time where you will be called via Skype or Facetime by your Physiotherapist.

During the online consultation, you we discuss your condition in detail and may be asked to demonstrate some movements or show areas of swelling/redness/bruising through video. You will then be provided with advice and strategies to manage this condition and will be shown and prescribed exercises as appropriate.

Whilst this platform does not allow for ‘hands-on’ Physiotherapy it can be very useful in providing effective ways to self-manage.

As with face to face Physiotherapy, the amount of sessions required is specific to each individual.


Based at Clifton Moor, York, my clinic is accessible from the city and outer ring-road (A1237), appointments are available throughout the day, into the evenings and even on weekends, with home sessions and online physiotherapy available for these times of need.

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