Postural Correction

Clifton Moor Physio in York

Improving posture to help the body work in harmony.

Posture is the way in which we hold our bodies against gravity in different positions including standing, sitting, walking, running and lying. Good posture is when our bodies can maintain these positions without unnecessary strain on muscles, ligaments and tendons and can allow us to move optimally. Poor posture can lead to a variety of unpleasant symptoms, including pain, headaches, muscle fatigue, reduced movement and strength. Poor posture can also lead to breathing difficulties and poor blood supply. In a world where we spend a lot of time in static positions such as driving, watching TV or working, standing to prepare a meal or to queue in the supermarket, posture can play an important part in our overall health. Good posture can also help you to get the most out of other hobbies and activities, if you are a keen runner or cyclist or are a regularly gym user or sports person, good posture can help to reduce the risk of injury and can help your body work in a more efficient way. Poor posture may be the source of your health complaint or may be a secondary contributing factor to your symptoms, either way it is something that should not be ignored or underestimated. A postural assessment will be carried out at each Physiotherapy session and as appropriate, hints, tips and advice will be provided to help you address any issues relating to posture which may be impacting on your overall function. During sessions treatments such as soft tissue and joint mobilisations, taping techniques and exercise therapy may also be used to combat postural imbalances.


Based at Clifton Moor, York, my clinic is accessible from the city and outer ring-road (A1237), appointments are available throughout the day, into the evenings and even on weekends, with home sessions and online physiotherapy available for these times of need.

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